Ann & Lei's most beautiful intimacy moments worth remembering

Sometimes my couples are completely sure about whether or not they want to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony, and occasionally they are on the fence about it. Many people I talk to love the idea of having an intimate affair in a place that is meaningful to them, but are worried it will somehow take it away from their minds. This always makes me think of this wedding. These two picked Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok ‘s suite — many of which have beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces as well as galleries, and gardens. And they invited a group of people who matter most to their lives. One of my favorite parts of the day was when two families sat together and started sharing vows and telling how much they all meant to each other. Sincerely, It was so perfect and beautiful a smaller celebration. They had the most beautiful moments together with their families. Ann and Lei, just want to thank you again for trusting me to capture the laughter, the tears and the quiet moments, since those are the moments I hope you guys will treasure most! Next will be the story of Lei & Ann. I created those slides with music, so please turn on the volume and enjoy.